Food is Ireland’s largest industry with an annual turnover of €25bn, exports of €10.8bn and 230,000 jobs. The sector supplies much of the country’s €14bn domestic grocery sector, is the largest net exporter of dairy ingredients, beef, and lamb in Europe, and the UK’s largest supplier of food and drink.

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As the fastest growing spirit in the world, The Irish Whiskey industry is currently undergoing a renaissance period with new 8 new distilleries opening in Ireland last year.

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A block of cheddar cheese leaning against a block of mozzarella, both with slices taken out of them

Dairy & Ingredients

The Irish dairy industry is export focussed with a global reach. Ireland exports 90% of all dairy production to approximately 140 countries across the EU and internationally. Irish dairy ingredients and products have an excellent quality and safety reputation.

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A plate of smoked salmon with brown bread and rocket salad. A lemon wedge placed on top of the salmon

Fish and Seafood

The Irish seafood industry is based on the utilisation of a high quality, indigenous natural resource, which has excellent potential for added value. The Irish seafood industry makes a significant contribution to the national economy in terms of output, employment and exports.

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A fillet of steak on a chopping board, sliced in half showing its medium cooked inside. Knife in the background with clover for decoration

Meat & Livestock

The Beef Sector, is among the most important Irish indigenous industries. There are over one hundred thousand farms contributing to cattle output in Ireland, with Irish beef listed with more than 75 high-end retail chains across EU markets.

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Pet Food & Animal Nutrition

Ireland’s reputation for high-quality raw materials is one of the many reasons why world-class pet food manufacturers have chosen Ireland for their manufacturing operations.

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A tray of different muffins, tarts and prepared desserts

Prepared Consumer Food

The Prepared Consumer Foods sector has seen strong performance in recent years with the value of exports having grown by 40% since 2009.

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DORMANT!!! - Horticulture

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