Food R&D

Ireland's cutting-edge Food RD&I sector is driven by outstanding levels of collaboration between industry, academia and government agencies, aiming at maximising the impact of food research in Ireland on our food competitiveness

Food for Health Ireland Logo

Food for Health Ireland

Through an intelligent milk mining programme and an extensive bioassay screening platform, Food for health Ireland (FHI) searches for ingredients that promote infant development, help to control weight and related health issues, boost immunity or support healthy ageing.

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Teagasc Logo


Teagasc, an internationally recognised centre of excellence, is Ireland’s leading agency for agri-food innovation. Its food programme spans the entire chain from farm production to food processing and innovation. Teagasc focuses on food research of relevance to industry.

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alimentary pharmabiotic centre


The SFI-funded Alimentary Pharmabiotic Centre (APC) is recognised as a world leader in research centred on novel antimicrobials & anti-inflammatories, relating food and microbial diversity with health, and templates for future foods.

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Dairy Processing Technology Centre Logo

The Dairy Processing Technology Centre

The Dairy Processing technology Centre, located in Limerick, is an industry led initiative that has built a strategic research and innovation base in dairy processing to maximise and exploit the end of milk quotas era.

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Science Foundation Ireland Logo

Science Foundation Ireland

Science Foundation Ireland (SFI) is Ireland’s national foundation for investment in scientific and engineering research, focused on supporting outstanding research talent. Over the last decade, it has built a community of almost 3,000 world-leading researchers in Ireland’s higher education institutes.

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University College Dublin logo

UCD Institute of Food

The Institute of Food has a strong focus on the areas of food engineering and science and is a leading European player in the area of food safety, regulatory affairs, and risk analysis.

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Logo for Irish Neonatal Research Centre


INFANT is Ireland’s first dedicated perinatal research centre. Founded following a decade of world-class, multi-disciplinary collaborative research and an array of industry partnerships, INFANT is an international leader of discovery and innovation in perinatal healthcare.

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