Food for Health Ireland

Through an intelligent milk mining programme and an extensive bioassay screening platform, Food for health Ireland (FHI) searches for ingredients that promote infant development, help to control weight and related health issues, boost immunity or support healthy ageing.

It also operates programmes relating to pre-commercial scale-up and formulation of foods with bio-actives help to ensure economic production and effective human delivery of milk bioactives. In addition, the research includes consumer studies on functional foods aimed at successfully negotiating market opportunities.

The presence of a strong pharmaceutical base, availability of high quality raw materials and state of the art food and drink research centers alongside world recognized third level institutes has paved the way for Ireland as a Hub for Innovation.

New companies are welcome to join FHI at any time. To find out more about working with FHI Click here.

Industry Researchers FHI collaborates with:

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National University of Ireland Maynooth
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Glanbia Ingredients logo
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Ornua - The Irish Dairy Board logo
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National University of Ireland Galway

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