Science Foundation Ireland

Science Foundation Ireland (SFI) is Ireland’s national foundation for investment in scientific and engineering research, focused on supporting outstanding talent. Over the last decade, it has built a community of almost 3,000 world-leading researchers in Ireland’s higher education institutes, and its researchers are engaged in approximately 1,800 academic collaborations spanning 68 countries.

Working with industry

SFI strongly encourages collaboration between SFI-funded scientists and engineers and industry. Currently, over 30% of SFI funded researchers have established collaborations with industry and research groups are working in over 1,000 industry-academic collaborations with multinational companies (MNCs) and with small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) based in Ireland and abroad

SFI assists these industry partnerships through access to government-funded industry-focused academic researchers and infrastructure, flexible funding schemes for collaborative projects and matched-research funding programmes. Its twelve major collaborative research centres for excellence specialise in topics ranging from nanotechnology to immunology.  New companies can join an SFI-supported research centre at any time.

The SFI Researcher Database provides a facility to search for SFI funded researchers by name, award type, year, institution, industry sector and/or scientific category. The database contains over 2,000 records. This database can be found on the SFI website here.



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