INFANT is Ireland’s first perinatal research centre. Funded by Science Foundation Ireland and based at Cork University Maternity Hospital, INFANT is developing solutions to address the unmet worldwide clinical need for effective screening tests for the most common complications of pregnancy and the most significant problems for newborn babies.

Almost 1 in 5 pregnancies are complicated either by pre-eclampsia, spontaneous pre-term birth or fetal growth restriction. In half of the affected cases, the disease is so severe that serious maternal or perinatal morbidity or mortality can result. For the fetus, it is recognised that the short journey down the birth canal is one of the most dangerous. One in twenty newborns experience asphyxia at birth and may go on to develop brain injury and seizures.

INFANT aims to develop early pregnancy screening tests that will offer accurate risk assessment for these all-too-common diseases. Also, INFANT aims to create the next generation of devices to facilitate point-of-care and remote monitoring and diagnostics for mothers and babies. Ultimately, this will lead to new methods of monitoring and treating sick babies, and often to the prevention of complications altogether. The overall outcome will be improved healthcare for pregnant mums and their babies.

INFANT is the world’s leading centre of its kind, and with your support we can make a real difference to people’s lives.


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